6 to 9, 7​.​.​. 12

by Denver Boot

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Denver Boot's Debut Album "6 to 9, 7... 12". Recorded at Treading Thomas Records on Smith Hill in Providence, R.I. summer of 2011.

It showcases the songs of singer songwriter William J. Moretti II and is performed along with John "Custom" Viveiros, Mike Samos, Sean Brown & Kim Petrarca.

Newly added bonus track "Paint the Old House" is a song recorded during this albums sessions that was cut from the original release, but added as a freebie years later.

Other performers:
Track 9. Porch Light features:
John Frost (Banjo), Amato Zinno (Upright Bass) and Valerie Poirior (Vocals).

Track 11. Black Heart features:
Chris Owen (Fiddle) and Jess Cahill (Singing Saw, Whistling, and backing vocals)

Providence Phoenix (R.I. Arts & Entertainment News Paper)
reviewed the record:

William Moretti and his Denver Boot work moody magic
'Close to the heart'
By CHRIS CONTI | June 19, 2012

"William Moretti is the creative force behind the band, which he bills as "moody folk with a touch of country picking, and hold the phony accent." This album is pretty darn special from start to bonus track finish.

Similar to work by kindred locals Brown Bird and Joe Fletcher, "6 to 9, 7 . . . 12" is another must-hear collection of indie-folk/roots/blues/Americana. A slew of friends chipped in, including the sharp rhythm section of John Viveiros (upright bass) and Sean Brown (drums), who gets the gallop going on the opener "I Disagree." go-to slide guitarist Mike Samos is a perfect fit for Moretti across the album, notably on "Sensible Man," where he laments, "Left you amongst the wolves in sheep's clothing/I did my best to warn you." Things get cooking on the feisty personal favorite "Cold Water," where Moretti heats up: "If I'd treat you better would it have changed today? You made up your mind, don't tease that you will stay/It's just fool's gold."

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Track Name: I Disagree
I don’t know where this boat is going

Just know your secrets safe with me

Its 6 to 9, 7, 12 half of a dozen

I think you always see the other side

Is much more green

When will you realize you’ve been chasing camera spots?

When will you realize you’ve been…

Blinded by the lights

At night

They’re so bright

And though I’m…

Watching all the changes in my friends

They swear its growing up that makes them give in

When you’re talking about holding that candle

Oh so high like you’re looking for a better way

To spend your time

Then I look to your left and to your right

Just to find you been blinded, just to find we’ve been

Kept to string along and hopes were high

Much like I yes much like I

A tug, a shrug, a sweet goodbye

I camouflage my trust with a little sigh

I don’t know where this boat is going, just keep rowing

Just know your secrets safe with me, but I disagree

Its 6 to 9, 7, 12 half of a dozen

I think you always see the other side

Is much more green
Track Name: Keep It Close
Keep it close like the bible close to your heart

Keep it close like the bible close to your heart

Lit like a spark, hid from the dark, in the eye of hard times

Keeping it close, keeping that bottle close to my heart

Long before hostilities helping hand

Came along to show you, what you couldn’t understand

Came from such a pretty place; I can’t claim to know it well

She swore growing up was such hell

Convoluted degradation ain’t quite the same

As dealing with a drunkard that can barely recall, the name he gave

Try and talk about it, now understand my good man

Until it happens, you won’t know life without a helping hand
Track Name: Sensible Man
She laid down with another man

At times like these I understand

Worse then walk, I pulled away

Long before, I asked you to go

Left you amongst the wolves in sheep clothing

I did my best to warn you / I’m sorry,

I didn’t stay to defend you

I only know because I am one of them but I’m trying hard to just be a sensible man

Minutes turn to hours as I think about all I given up

Because of my pride, my white lies, and yes I...

Despise myself for fearing love, for fearing love, for fearing love

The next man is closer than you think

He is in your house leaning on the kitchen sink

Discussing all the mistakes that you’ve made

And yes he’s swearing I could never do the same
Track Name: Cold Water
Down by the water, at the end of the road

Problems seem farther away, where nobody knows

It feels safe, far from the confines of home

Cold water, cold water

My concerns go, as the Cold River flows

You say that you’re leaving, you say I should go

You’re telling me things that I didn’t wish to know

If I had treated you better, would it have changed today?

You’ve made up your mind; don’t tease that you will stay

It’s just fool’s gold

As I sit on the ground with my hands on the pan

I’ll see if I can find you throughout all the sand

Or is it just fool’s gold?

I’m digging so low, the waters so cold

Why can’t I let go?
Track Name: Spare Change
Sitting here, just for a while
Like an old porch dog trying not to shut his eyes
Things go by, just look to gods great big sky

Steering wheels and bottle caps
Not a fantasies left behind
Mind is drifting, drifting like the time
No you don’t know what it’s does to me
Or what you’ve done to me

Yet these ticking clocks are never quite the same
Prayers unanswered, hardened from the shame
And life seems too rearranged...
So I sit and watch the change

Photographs of the past of things best left behind
Walked for miles, just no vacancy signs
By the by, only meant to make you sigh

Creaking floor boards, and a key slides in the door
Woke in a cold sweat, what was, is no more
Miles and miles it seems so long ago
But I'm still listening for...
Track Name: Flowers
I still smell you in my clothes and in my bed
As the sunlight warms the skin on your chest
And ill wonder who you’ve been

Follow the flowers down to the place I’d like to go
If I tame your heart will you tame my soul?
And I wonder who you’ve been

Clear the gray skies, out of my eyes
Then maybe you’ll dust my broom
Been waiting such a long, long time
Couldn’t have come a day too soon
Well the flowers are in bloom

Hand out the car window as to feel the world breath
Does it cool you down and makes you feel at ease?
Still raise an eyebrow every time that girl says please
Track Name: Where It Begins and Ends
Demonstration, translation, the movement on the sofa and bed
Mother said you will leave this world the same as you began
To see the love in her eyes, and then she, and then she cries

Where it begins and ends changes the meaning of when
When you lay do you lie?
Does it matter what is said?

Eden calls at the break of dawn with words that stink like gin
Looking for some kind of reason to find out how you’ve been
Over time you will find they just wanted you to do the same

Octane painter, re-arranger
Someone told me Jesus is dead; someone told me he has resin
Other say look out for believes instead
Of walking like sheep in a line to the house to be slaughtered so the others are fed.
Track Name: Porch Light
Crossed her legs as she leaned in
Couldn’t look her in the eyes
She gets a glance and sees in it’ll ruin my well planed disguise

One foot in front of the other
Not my place every buddy knows
Can’t help it from the roots is where is grows

Think we could build something better
Still searching for a home
Tell you what you can’t lose nothing
That you’ve never truly ever known

Compare me to a porch light
What if I compare you to a key?
Compare us to stiff drink but that’s not
How you hold me

As I write this letter, know it’s not goodbye, just some things that needed saying over time
Track Name: Send the Line
Money spent on walls of gold
To keep her from the bitter cold
Who where they to know
Roots have their way to grow

Send the line and let it go
Send the line and let it go
Send the line and let it go
Just let it go

Woke with an aching head and a stranger in the bed
What a young dream, what a young dream
Now it’s losing steam

“See here son” said the man to his wide eyed little boy
“I built that house with every bit of me and did it with such joy
But now there’s tar on every square of our old back yard
You got to stay kind, for life it does get hard”